Why do we need accreditation schemes in Hydrography?

Hydrography is a complex activity, of critical importance to shipping, construction, environmental monitoring, military activities and a wide range of other applications within the wider Blue Economy.  It is therefore critical that professionals engaged in hydrography and similar seabed mapping activities are suitably educated, trained and have appropriate experience.

National and regional schemes already in place have already demonstrated the importance of professional accreditation in promoting and recognizing the education, experience and skills of hydrographic professionals as well as raising the profile of hydrographic profession overall.

Besides, IFHS member societies witnessed a strong demand from their individual, public sector and corporate members for a consolidated scheme with more global footprint:

HPAS is our response to safeguard your hydrographers’ skills and expertise throughout your carrer, wherever your professional path takes you.

As well as providing a valuable international framework to individual hydrographic professionals, the hydrographic community and wider profession, HPAS aims to raise the profile and relevance of the IFHS and the national member societies to support sustainable capacity building and development.

We strongly believe that the opportunity and benefits of HPAS will contribute to the promotion of the hydrographic sector, providing improved recognition of skills and experience leading to a clear professional development route

We are also confident that organisations and stakeholders will recognize these same advantages, particularly its ability to increase the number of recognized professionals that can be deployed. 

Introducing HPAS

Therefore, IFHS and its national society members are very proud to announce the issue of the Hydrographic Professional Accreditation Scheme (HPAS):

  • HPAS is the first scheme delivering hydrographic professional accreditation with an international footprint compared to existing national and regional schemes. 
  • Our scheme aims to ensure appropriate personnel are engaged and to safeguard appropriate professional standards.
  • it provides a framework for contracting organisations to measure a set of minimum standards for individual professionals.

IFHS has overall responsibility over HPAS, whose delivery is supervised by its UK based society member (THS UK) and overseen by the HPAS Steering Committee.

Accreditation Process

HPAS is open to all professional individuals of the Hydrographic sector and related activities. HPAS structure has been designed to offer individuals with various levels of accreditation depending on their academic and qualification background and past experience.

Hydrographic professionals will be able to apply for one of four levels of Accreditation by providing a full set of documentation to the HPAS Secretariat with his application to one of HPAS level of accreditation, depending on its background and experience.

Each application is then reviewed and assessed by a Panel of international experts before delivering an accreditation decision. If application is successfull, the Accreditated professional is allowed to mention its HPAS Accreditation pro-nominal when appropriate (CV, response to call for tenders, project proposal, lecture, presentation, etc.).

The HPAS accreditation is available for one year. The renewal process consists of providing consistent proof of professional activities with regards to hydrography and related fields, such project commitment, participation to seminar, redaction of professional articles, …

What’s next ?

Browse the following sections for more details about HPAS:

HPAS Levels & PathwaysDetails about HPAS levels of accreditation and pathways guidance.
Applying to HPASDetails on application requirements for each HPAS level
FAQsMost frequently asked questions are answered here.
Applicant’s cornerAll guidances, checklist and examples to help you proceed through your application
Application formOnline Application Form
Support & ContactOnline HPAS Contact Form

In you have any questions regarding HPAS and its delivery, please contact our support team here.